Updates from Phoenix

Baze Senior KO down to four teams

Four teams will do battle for the final two spots in the Baze Senior Knockout Teams today. Matchups, by team captain, are Rose Meltzer versus Carolyn Lynch and Vinita Gupta versus Fred King.

Most of the matches in the quarterfinal round were close. All but the Lynch-Hemant Lall contest could have gone either way.

In the match between Gupta and Stan Tulin, the latter had rallied from 39 down to take a 17-IMP lead midway through the match, but Gupta tied it with a 17-IMP swing (6♣ plus 1370 at one table and 7♣ minus 200 at the other) and put it away with an 11- IMP slam swing a couple of boards later.

Gromov squad leading Mitchell Open BAM

The team captained by Andrew Gromov takes a narrow lead into today’s final two sessions of play in the Mitchell Open Board-a-Match Teams. Gromov is playing with Aleksander Dubinin, Krzysztof Buras, Grzegorz Narkiewicz, Norberto Bocchi and Agustin Madala.

Gromov starts the day with a carryover of 4.60, just ahead of two teams with carryover of 3.58 – squads captained by Paul Fireman and Bob Drake.

Lazarus and Laken Lead Super Seniors

After the first two qualifying sessions, Ed Lazarus of Baltimore MD looks poised for a four-peat in the Super Senior Pairs. He and partner Mark Laken of Glyndon MD, with whom he won this event last year, lead the field with 54.18 carryover.

Richard Catero of Mesa AZ and Eddie Rose of Laguna Niguel CA sit second with 43.68.

Lazarus has won the Super Senior Pairs every year since it was added to the NABC calendar in 2010. The event concludes today.

Fireman out in front in Women’s BAM

The Phyllis Fireman team starts the second and final day of the Marsha May Sternberg Women’s Board-a-Match Teams with a three-board lead. Tied for second with 31.50 are the teams captained by Migry Zur Campanile and Mildred Breed.

Fireman is playing with Shannon Cappelletti, Sylvie Willard, Benedicte Cronier, Meike Wortel and Marion Michielsen.

Playing with Zur Campanile are Christal Henner, Dana Berkowitz and Lisa Berkowitz. Breed’s team is Pam Wittes, Shawn Quinn and Stasha Cohen.


Shuffle Deal and Play

By Roaming Reporter, Peg Kaplan

At the local dupe, shuffle, deal and play are instructions often heard every day. At an NABC, however, boards come packaged with hand records, ready to go. Still, a few NABC major events begin with this mantra. The Baze Senior Knockout Teams began Thursday, and participants happily made the boards prior to getting to business.

And, lest you hear “Senior” and think that the Baze KO’s are not challenging – think again! The field is amply peppered with world champs and a wide array of players who could take any competitor to the woodshed, despite being 55 or older.

Eight teams remain in the contest, with most of the top seeds still in the hunt for the championship. The exception is the No. 2 seed, led by Lou Ann O’Rourke, who fell to No. 15, captained by Peter Lesnik..

Bridge fans around the world can keep up with the action on Bridgebase Online. Click here to see the Vugraph schedule and enjoy the show!

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GNT and Collegiate play reach semi-finals

Card play in the Grand National Teams and Collegiate Team Championships reach the semi-final rounds today, while Lifemaster Pairs qualifiers continue.

Semifinalists battle in GNT action today

In the Morehead Championship Flight of the Grand National Teams, the squads captained by Warren Spector (District 9: Florida) and Larry Sealy (District 10: Mid-South) will face off. In Friday’s quarterfinal, Spector defeated the District 7 team led by Ron Smith 179-121, while Sealy easily dispatched William Higgins’s District 11 team 146-62.

In the other Championship bracket, Robert Lebi’s District 2 team (Ontario) will play Jared Lilienstein’s District 24 (New York) team. Lebi beat Will Engel’s District 8 squad 120-43 in the yesterday’s match. Lilienstein advanced by coming from behind in the last quarter to defeat the District 23 team led by Mitch Dunitz.

Click here to view a photo gallery of the GNT.

Singapore pair leads LM quals

Choon Chou Loo and Hua Poon of Singapore topped the field in the qualifying round of the von Zedwtitz Life Master Pairs. In second place are Thomas Peters of Grapeland TX and Dan Jacob of Vancouver BC, while third place is occupied by Toronto-area experts Darren Wolpert and Daniel Korbel.

In the Bruce Life Master-5000 Pairs, the top qualifiers — by a wide margin — are Edward Horton of Champaign IL and Hugh Williams of Carbondale IL. In second are Jay Baudler of Piedmont CA and Cordelia Menges of New York NY. Narrowly in third are Barbara Vasilevsky and Barbara Dunkley of Las Vegas NV.

In the Young Life Master-1500 Pairs, A.J. Stephani and Robert Fisk of Cincinnati OH are in front, followed by Jeffrey Scott and David Cohen of East Hampton NY. In third are Mark Gospodnetic of Richmond VA and Dale Sanders of Washington DC.

Collegiate Team Championships SF pairings

University of Washington vs. University of Texas

University of California vs. University of Pennsylvania

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Auken, van Prooijen storm into Vanderbilt final

     Teams captained by Sabine Auken and Ricco van Prooijen, both coming off impressive semifinal wins, will face off today in the final of the Vanderbilt Knockout Teams. Auken is playing with Roy Welland and Danish stars Dennis and Morten Bilde. The van Prooijen
team is Louk Verhees, Bas Drijver, Sjoert Brink, Dan Zagorin and Kevin Bathurst.
     Auken was originally seeded No. 45, van Prooijen No. 6. The Auken team’s appearance in the final was improbable based on the seeding and required a near- miraculous comeback against the powerful Team Monaco and success in an appeals hearing that went into the wee hours of the morning on Friday. Auken won the appeal and reversed a 137-131 loss.
     Next up were the defending champions from 2012 led by Les Amoils. Auken led that affair from start to finish, fending off a rally in the fourth quarter to advance to Saturday’s semifinal against the Andrew Rosenthal squad that had taken the measure of No. 1 seed Nick Nickell with a 124-91 win.

     Auken fell behind to Rosenthal (Aaron Silvertstein, Bjorn Fallenius, Peter Fredin, Fredrik Nystrom and Johan Upmark) 28-14 after a quarter, but pulled ahead to lead 51-45 at the halfway point. Auken won third quarter 61-19 and was never in danger on the way to a 138-93 victory.
      By contrast, van Prooijen has waltzed through the tough Vanderbilt field, winning five matches through Saturday by an average margin of 95 IMPs. Van Prooijen and his fellow Dutchmen – Verhees, Brink and Drijver – were members of the team that won the Bermuda Bowl in Veldhoven, Netherlands, in 2011. They defeated USA2 – a team that included Bathurst and Zagorin – in the Bermuda Bowl final.
Three other premier events have ended. Congrats to the winners:
Silodor Open Pairs winners: David Bakhshi andBilly Cohen.

Silodor Open Pairs winners: David Bakhshi and
Billy Cohen.

First place in the Red Ribbon Pairs goes to Brian Cummins andBlake Sanders

First place in the Red Ribbon Pairs goes to Brian Cummins and
Blake Sanders

Whitehead Women’s Pairs winners JoanneWeingold and Jan Assini

Whitehead Women’s Pairs winners Joanne
Weingold and Jan Assini

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