Playing Against the Best

By Roaming Reporter, Peg Kaplan

The Spingold is all about the best of the best from around the world battling it out. In this tournament we find who has the stamina, genius and luck to go the distance.

Yet, premier team events like the Spingold are much more.  It’s an opportunity for people around the world to watch bridge at an elite level.  And – it’s a chance for a team who purchases an entry to play against the world’s finest.

The 66 seed, Art Quey, San Mateo CA; Scott Tumperi, Charlottesville VA; Om Chokriwala, Sherman Oaks CA; Michael Klemens, Tarzana CA – faced one of the most winning teams in bridge history:  the Nickell team.  Although the Quey team did not emerge victorious, they got some licks in here and there throughout their 64 boards.

They also had the opportunity to compete against and learn from some of the biggest names in bridge.  Here is a shot from one table, with Eric Rodwell and Jeff Meckstroth.



U of Washington win Collegiate competition

U Dub does it!

After earning the one seed in Friday’s eight-team  qualifying Swiss, the squad from the University of Washington took it to the wire, winning the U.S. Collegiate Team Championship.

Finishing second was the team from the University of Pennsylvania.

Playing for Washington were Ben Bomber, Greg Herman, Lee Holstein and Daniel Poore. The Penn squad comprised Kendrick Chow, James Sundstrom, Zhuo Wang and Xingtan Zhang.

GNT finals are rematch of 2012

The final of the top flight of the Grand National Teams features the exact same squads that met in last year’s final: District 9 (Florida) vs. District 24 (New York).

Playing for District 9 are captain Warren Spector, Michael Becker, Gary Cohler, David Berkowitz, Eric Rodwell and Jeff Meckstroth. The District 24 lineup is captain Jared Lilienstein, Michael Polowan, Sam Lev, Brian Glubok, Joel Wooldridge and John Hurd

In the Goldman Flight A final, District 16 (Texas) will battle District 22 (Southern California).

In the Sheinwold Flight B final, District 11 will face District 21. The MacNab Flight C final features a matchup between District 5 and District.

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Hampson-Greco set pace in LM Pairs

After the semifinal round of the von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs, Geoff Hampson of Las Vegas NV and Eric Greco of Wynnewood PA lead the field of qualifiers. In second are Canadians Darren Wolpert and Daniel Korbel, and in third are “New Yorkers” Zia Mahmood and Bjorn Fallenius. Seventy-eight pairs remain in the six-session contest.

In the Bruce LM-5000 Pairs, the Florida duo of Susan Fraser and Nancy Williams are in front of the field of 40 qualifying pairs after four sessions of play. There are 20 pairs remaining in the

Young LM-1500 Pairs, led by Rich Pestien and Charles Young of Peoria IL.

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First female champions for Youth Pairs

For first time in the history of the Youth NABC, the Baron Barclay Youth Pairs  has been won by a pair of young women. Allison Hunt and Asya Ladyzhensky had big games in both session to win by 7.02 matchpoints on a top of 11.

Second place went to Ben Kristensen, Duluth MN, and Kevin Rosenberg, Cupertino CA. Hunt is from Charlotte NC, Ladyzhensky from Ellenton FL. In the qualifying session, they racked up 68.86%. They followed with 66.10% in the final to hold off their challengers.

Hunt and Ladyzhensky have been regulars at the Youth NABC from its inception in 2005. Ladyzhensky, daughter of two accomplished players from Russia – Irina and Alexander Ladyzhensky – has not missed one.

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Winners of the Baron Barclay Youth Pairs: Allison Hunt and Asya Ladyzhensky.

Winners of the Baron Barclay
Youth Pairs: Allison Hunt and Asya

GNT and Collegiate play reach semi-finals

Card play in the Grand National Teams and Collegiate Team Championships reach the semi-final rounds today, while Lifemaster Pairs qualifiers continue.

Semifinalists battle in GNT action today

In the Morehead Championship Flight of the Grand National Teams, the squads captained by Warren Spector (District 9: Florida) and Larry Sealy (District 10: Mid-South) will face off. In Friday’s quarterfinal, Spector defeated the District 7 team led by Ron Smith 179-121, while Sealy easily dispatched William Higgins’s District 11 team 146-62.

In the other Championship bracket, Robert Lebi’s District 2 team (Ontario) will play Jared Lilienstein’s District 24 (New York) team. Lebi beat Will Engel’s District 8 squad 120-43 in the yesterday’s match. Lilienstein advanced by coming from behind in the last quarter to defeat the District 23 team led by Mitch Dunitz.

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Singapore pair leads LM quals

Choon Chou Loo and Hua Poon of Singapore topped the field in the qualifying round of the von Zedwtitz Life Master Pairs. In second place are Thomas Peters of Grapeland TX and Dan Jacob of Vancouver BC, while third place is occupied by Toronto-area experts Darren Wolpert and Daniel Korbel.

In the Bruce Life Master-5000 Pairs, the top qualifiers — by a wide margin — are Edward Horton of Champaign IL and Hugh Williams of Carbondale IL. In second are Jay Baudler of Piedmont CA and Cordelia Menges of New York NY. Narrowly in third are Barbara Vasilevsky and Barbara Dunkley of Las Vegas NV.

In the Young Life Master-1500 Pairs, A.J. Stephani and Robert Fisk of Cincinnati OH are in front, followed by Jeffrey Scott and David Cohen of East Hampton NY. In third are Mark Gospodnetic of Richmond VA and Dale Sanders of Washington DC.

Collegiate Team Championships SF pairings

University of Washington vs. University of Texas

University of California vs. University of Pennsylvania

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GNT in QF rounds

Today is the quarterfinal round for all four flights of the Grand National Teams: Morehead Championship Flight, Goldman Flight A, Sheinwold Flight B and MacNab Flight C.

The defending champions in the Championship Flight — the District 9 squad led by Warren Spector — defeated their opponents in the round of 16 (Joe Grue’s District 17 team) to advance.

The defending champs in Flight A — Edward Piken’s team from District 23 — are also back this year. Piken advanced to the quarterfinal round by beating the District 19 team led by Jeffrey Ford.

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