NAOP Flight C Score Change

After Monday’s Daily Bulletin went to print, there was a change in the NAOP Flight C scoring. As a result, Julie Arbit of Ann Arbor MI and Jordan Kaye of West Bloomfield MI were the winners of that event by one-hundredth of a point.

Complete final NABC results for St. Louis can be found here.


Auken wins the Vanderbilt, NAP and Swiss victors

The Spring NABC has concluded. If you have been reading the Daily Bulletin online, you know what an exciting Vanderbilt competition it was.  Congrats to the Auken team on their big win!

Vanderbilt winners

Runners-up in the Vanderbilt was the van Prooijen team.

Vanderbilt runners-up

The Schwartz team saw victory in the Jacoby Open Swiss.


Moss and crew took the Machlin Women’s Swiss.

Women's Swiss winners

In Flight B of the North American Pairs, a duo from District 16, Daniel Jackson and Bill McCarty, was victorious.


A pair from District 25 took Flight C in the NAP.

Winners of the President’s Cup North AmericanPairs, Flight C: Emily Shen and Reid Barton.

Winners of the President’s Cup North American
Pairs, Flight C: Emily Shen and Reid Barton.

Click here to read the final Daily Bulletin from St. Louis. Congratulations to all the winners!

Top of the leader board

     Two of the top four seeds in the Vanderbilt Knockout Teams advanced to the quarterfinal round, but not without some drama for two of them.
     Top seed Nick Nickell was blasted in the first set 56-1 by the Norberto Bocchi team (“Norby” on the bracket sheets) and trailed by 33 IMPs at the half before rallying in the third quarter to take the lead. Bocchi came back midway through the final set to lead by 10, but four small swings put Nickell back on top. No. 1 held on for a 132-131 victory.
     Larry Sealy of Huntsville AL and Jim Foster from Birmingham AL lead the pack of 130 pairs going into the second day of the Silodor Open Pairs. They have a 174.87 carryover versus the 156.32 held by John Hurd, New York NY, and Spencer Hurd, Meigs GA, who follow in second-place.
     The Whitehead Women’s Pairs drew 118 pairs, of whom 52 qualified to come back and play some more today. Yiji Starr, Wayland MA, and Pamela Granovetter, Cincinnati OH are out front with a score of 1497.00—a healthy 87.50 (top was 45) ahead of their closest pursuers.
     Half the field of 164 teams was eliminated after the first day of play in the Bean Red Riboon Pairs. Andrea Kutscher and Paul Flanders of Longmont CO are in front with a 76-point carryover. David Loeb and Maureen Loeb from Heathrow FL, with 69.26 points, trail by less than a point. In third are Californians Joanne Merry and John Jefferson, who have 63.27 points.

Las Vegas couple win Mixed Pairs

     Directors and players alike fought off technology poltergeists in the two-day Rockwell Mixed Pairs which ended late Wednesday night. When a winner was finally declared, it was Paul Lewis and wife Linda Lewis of Las Vegas NV. Close behind in second were good friends Barbara Lehman and Craig Jacobson from the Chicago area.
     The Lewises were third going into today’s final sessions. An acceptable 55.62% in the evening atop 58.67% in the afternoon gave them 2976.58 points (90 was top)—enough to beat the runners-up by a little more than a third of a board.
     “It’s been 33 years since we last won playing together,” said Linda, referring to their 1981 win in the Freeman Mixed Board-a-Match Teams.
     Linda now has a total of five NABC titles. This is Paul’s third North American championship. The Lewises live half the year in South Dakota where they have a property management company.
     Lehman is a bridge teacher at Gold Coast Bridge. Jacobson handicaps horse races. They haven’t played tournament bridge for 10 years. “We’re back!” he laughed.

     Finishing in third—less than half a board off first-place pace—were Greg Humphreys of Charlottesville VA and Jenni Carmichael from Kennesaw GA.
Paul and Linda Lewis, Rockwell Mixed Pairschampions

Paul and Linda Lewis, Rockwell Mixed Pairs

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Big names in Vanderbilt sidelined

     Form prevailed in most of the matches in the first full day of play in the Vanderbilt Knockout Teams, but two of the higher seeds are wishing the event had do-overs.
     Those would be the No. 14 seed, captained by Richard Schwartz, and No. 18, led by Bob Hamman. Schwartz, with a strong, multi-national squad, fell to No. 51, captained by Daniel Korbel 102-92.
     Schwartz was playing with Allan Graves, Norwegian stars Boye Brogeland and Espen Lindqvist plus Thor Jonsson and Jon Baldursson from Iceland. Korbel, of Waterloo ON, played with three other Canadians – Jonathan Steinberg, Bob Todd and Douglas Fisher, plus Tom Carmichael of Kennesaw GA and Drew Hoskins of Burlingame CA.
     In the other upset, David Grainger over Hamman, the margin of victory was as unexpected as the victory itself. Grainger, playing with Roger Lee, Josh Donn and Greg Hinze, clobbered Hamman 155-105.Hamman played with Justin Lall, Bob and Shane Blanchard, Joel Wooldridge and John Hurd.
     The top-seeded Nick Nickell team was one of several high seeds with easy wins, Nickell dispatching the Dennis Ryan squad 243-97. There were six withdrawals after three quarters in runaway matches.
     Last year’s winners, captained by Les Amoils, and with all but one of the players from 2012, won in a breeze 234-96 over the Albert Shekhter squad. No. 3 John Diamond team trailed No. 62 Jim Hall at the halfway point of their match, but they higher seed proved too much for their opponents.
     Another mismatch involved No. 34 Barry Rigal and No. 31. Robert Hollman, Rigal winning 158-90. The Lou Ann O’Rourke squad, seeded No. 10, struggled with the Marius Agica squad before winning 119-105.
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Leventritt Winners, Vanderbilt to round of 64

     The finish in the Leventritt Silver Pairs was so tight that every time a final round score was entered, first- and second-place flip-flopped. Even when the event was over, it wasn’t over. The tiniest score correction seesawed one and two again. In the end, it was Richard Wieland of Redding CT and Mike Cappelletti Sr., Alexandria VA, who finished on top with a score of 2543.12 (on a 77 top).
     Second went to Richard Brown, Easley SC and Hugh Brown Jr., McCormick SC, with a score of 2540.69.
     When congratulated initially, Cappelletti said flatly, “We didn’t win it,” even as his partner beamed. Wieland said of Cappelletti, “I’ve never seen anyone take so many overtricks.”
     Cappelletti and Wieland were 28th coming into today’s final sessions. Brown and Brown were third after yesterday’s qualifying sessions, and second entering the second final session last night. Robert Lavin, East Longmeadow MA and Harold Feldheim, Hamden CT finished third with 2515.99.
Richard Wieland and Mike Cappelletti Sr. wonthe Silver Ribbon Pairs.

Richard Wieland and Mike Cappelletti Sr. won
the Silver Ribbon Pairs.

     The Vanderbilt Knockout Teams gets into full swing today after 14 squads did battle on Monday for 10 slots to fill out the round of 64. The field will be cut in half each day through Sunday, when the two finalists will face off for the championship.
     Some of the teams with the day off played in an event called the Vanderbilt Bye Swiss. The squad captained by Richard Schwartz, seeded 14th, no doubt is hoping their win in the bye event is a sign of good things to come.
     The top-seeded team, led by Nick Nickell, should be familiar to NABC regulars. The defenders, captained by Les Amoils, are seeded fifth.

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Fleisher and Kamil shine in Platinum

     After a shaky first day, Martin Fleisher and Michael Kamil put together four strong sessions to win the Norman Kay Platinum Pairs by more than a board. Their 439.07-point score (on a 13 top) beat runners-up Jeff Meckstroth, Clearwater Beach FL, and Jo Anna Stansby, Dublin CA, who finished with 424.58.
     “We struggled in the first two qualifying sessions,” said Kamil. The two were 50th out of 56 to make it into the semifinal round. “But then we relaxed, and started playing well and in luck.”
     The championship is Fleisher’s fifth NABC title, his first in a pairs event. It is Kamil’s sixth North American title, his second in a pairs event.
     “Marty is a great matchpoint player,” said Kamil. “He creates a lot of action. I’m more conservative. I take my tricks. Marty always has a feel for where our game is.”
     The contest was close after the first final session: Kamil, of Holmdel NJ, and Fleisher, of New York NY, led Meckstroth and Stansby 239.07 to 238.58. Kamil and Fleisher soared ahead with a 59.47% evening session versus the 55.33% turned in by the runners-up.

     The game was the first time playing together for Meckstroth and Stansby. Asked about preparation and practice before playing the Platinum Pairs, Stansby said, “We had breakfast twice.”
    Stansby had high praise for Meckstroth’s obstructive bidding—pushing the opponents too high then collecting a hefty reward when he lowered the boom. “He set ‘em up and knocked ‘em down.”
     Vincent Demuy, Laval QC and John Kranyak, Las Vegas NV topped the evening session with 59.91%, and took third, posting a score of 416.88.
Winners of the Norman Kay Platinum Pairs:Martin Fleisher and Mike Kamil

Winners of the Norman Kay Platinum Pairs:
Martin Fleisher and Mike Kamil

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