Gupta Wins Baze Senior KO Teams

The team captained by Vinita Gupta took the lead at the halfway point of the Baze Senior Knockout Teams, then put the match away with a 57-1 third quarter on the way to a 156-81 victory over the Carolyn Lynch squad.

Gupta, of Woodside CA, played with Billy Miller, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell, Lew Stansby and Bart Bramley. With the win, Miller became a Grand Life Master.

Lynch’s teammates were Mike Passell, Garey Hayden, Cezary Balicki and Adam Zmudzinski.
Lynch won the first quarter 42-23, but Gupta, the original No. 3 seed, outscored Lynch 60-24 in the second set to grab an 83-66 lead. The big third quarter was too much for Lynch to overcome, although the runners-up scored the first 24 IMPs of the final 16 boards before Gupta tacked on a late slam swing to put it out of reach.

Gupta’s win was her first North American championship after only three years of playing what she describes as “serious tournament bridge.”

Gupta is the founder and was the head of Digital Link Corp., in Sunnyvale CA (Silicon Valley). She retired eight years ago and, with coaching and mentoring by Miller, has made her mark in high-level competition. Her team was second in the Senior KO last year in San Francisco.
Next on her agenda is “working hard toward bigger and better goals.”