Shuffle Deal and Play

By Roaming Reporter, Peg Kaplan

At the local dupe, shuffle, deal and play are instructions often heard every day. At an NABC, however, boards come packaged with hand records, ready to go. Still, a few NABC major events begin with this mantra. The Baze Senior Knockout Teams began Thursday, and participants happily made the boards prior to getting to business.

And, lest you hear “Senior” and think that the Baze KO’s are not challenging – think again! The field is amply peppered with world champs and a wide array of players who could take any competitor to the woodshed, despite being 55 or older.

Eight teams remain in the contest, with most of the top seeds still in the hunt for the championship. The exception is the No. 2 seed, led by Lou Ann O’Rourke, who fell to No. 15, captained by Peter Lesnik..

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