GNT and Collegiate play reach semi-finals

Card play in the Grand National Teams and Collegiate Team Championships reach the semi-final rounds today, while Lifemaster Pairs qualifiers continue.

Semifinalists battle in GNT action today

In the Morehead Championship Flight of the Grand National Teams, the squads captained by Warren Spector (District 9: Florida) and Larry Sealy (District 10: Mid-South) will face off. In Friday’s quarterfinal, Spector defeated the District 7 team led by Ron Smith 179-121, while Sealy easily dispatched William Higgins’s District 11 team 146-62.

In the other Championship bracket, Robert Lebi’s District 2 team (Ontario) will play Jared Lilienstein’s District 24 (New York) team. Lebi beat Will Engel’s District 8 squad 120-43 in the yesterday’s match. Lilienstein advanced by coming from behind in the last quarter to defeat the District 23 team led by Mitch Dunitz.

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Singapore pair leads LM quals

Choon Chou Loo and Hua Poon of Singapore topped the field in the qualifying round of the von Zedwtitz Life Master Pairs. In second place are Thomas Peters of Grapeland TX and Dan Jacob of Vancouver BC, while third place is occupied by Toronto-area experts Darren Wolpert and Daniel Korbel.

In the Bruce Life Master-5000 Pairs, the top qualifiers — by a wide margin — are Edward Horton of Champaign IL and Hugh Williams of Carbondale IL. In second are Jay Baudler of Piedmont CA and Cordelia Menges of New York NY. Narrowly in third are Barbara Vasilevsky and Barbara Dunkley of Las Vegas NV.

In the Young Life Master-1500 Pairs, A.J. Stephani and Robert Fisk of Cincinnati OH are in front, followed by Jeffrey Scott and David Cohen of East Hampton NY. In third are Mark Gospodnetic of Richmond VA and Dale Sanders of Washington DC.

Collegiate Team Championships SF pairings

University of Washington vs. University of Texas

University of California vs. University of Pennsylvania

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