Top of the leader board

     Two of the top four seeds in the Vanderbilt Knockout Teams advanced to the quarterfinal round, but not without some drama for two of them.
     Top seed Nick Nickell was blasted in the first set 56-1 by the Norberto Bocchi team (“Norby” on the bracket sheets) and trailed by 33 IMPs at the half before rallying in the third quarter to take the lead. Bocchi came back midway through the final set to lead by 10, but four small swings put Nickell back on top. No. 1 held on for a 132-131 victory.
     Larry Sealy of Huntsville AL and Jim Foster from Birmingham AL lead the pack of 130 pairs going into the second day of the Silodor Open Pairs. They have a 174.87 carryover versus the 156.32 held by John Hurd, New York NY, and Spencer Hurd, Meigs GA, who follow in second-place.
     The Whitehead Women’s Pairs drew 118 pairs, of whom 52 qualified to come back and play some more today. Yiji Starr, Wayland MA, and Pamela Granovetter, Cincinnati OH are out front with a score of 1497.00—a healthy 87.50 (top was 45) ahead of their closest pursuers.
     Half the field of 164 teams was eliminated after the first day of play in the Bean Red Riboon Pairs. Andrea Kutscher and Paul Flanders of Longmont CO are in front with a 76-point carryover. David Loeb and Maureen Loeb from Heathrow FL, with 69.26 points, trail by less than a point. In third are Californians Joanne Merry and John Jefferson, who have 63.27 points.