Big names in Vanderbilt sidelined

     Form prevailed in most of the matches in the first full day of play in the Vanderbilt Knockout Teams, but two of the higher seeds are wishing the event had do-overs.
     Those would be the No. 14 seed, captained by Richard Schwartz, and No. 18, led by Bob Hamman. Schwartz, with a strong, multi-national squad, fell to No. 51, captained by Daniel Korbel 102-92.
     Schwartz was playing with Allan Graves, Norwegian stars Boye Brogeland and Espen Lindqvist plus Thor Jonsson and Jon Baldursson from Iceland. Korbel, of Waterloo ON, played with three other Canadians – Jonathan Steinberg, Bob Todd and Douglas Fisher, plus Tom Carmichael of Kennesaw GA and Drew Hoskins of Burlingame CA.
     In the other upset, David Grainger over Hamman, the margin of victory was as unexpected as the victory itself. Grainger, playing with Roger Lee, Josh Donn and Greg Hinze, clobbered Hamman 155-105.Hamman played with Justin Lall, Bob and Shane Blanchard, Joel Wooldridge and John Hurd.
     The top-seeded Nick Nickell team was one of several high seeds with easy wins, Nickell dispatching the Dennis Ryan squad 243-97. There were six withdrawals after three quarters in runaway matches.
     Last year’s winners, captained by Les Amoils, and with all but one of the players from 2012, won in a breeze 234-96 over the Albert Shekhter squad. No. 3 John Diamond team trailed No. 62 Jim Hall at the halfway point of their match, but they higher seed proved too much for their opponents.
     Another mismatch involved No. 34 Barry Rigal and No. 31. Robert Hollman, Rigal winning 158-90. The Lou Ann O’Rourke squad, seeded No. 10, struggled with the Marius Agica squad before winning 119-105.
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