Something for Everyone

by Roaming Reporter, Peggy Kaplan

Is an NABC tournament an elite competition for the best players around the world?  Indeed it is!

Yet, as exciting as the top events are, NABC’s have much, much more!  Secondary NABC events, regional events, side games, lectures, seminars, entertainment, treats….  And, for those of us who are just learning bridge?  I/N (Intermediate & Newcomer) and 299er games, too!

These players are enjoying a 49er and 299er game on Thursday afternoon.  For some, this is the first NABC they’ve ever attended.

Our newer players can enjoy competition with people of similar experience level, receive assistance finding partners and learn more from expert lecturers, books and Daily Bulletins.

What could possibly be better!?

Welcome to those starting out.  We hope that you attend many more!


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